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Author Topic: So... babies

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Hello TMO

I thought you might like to know that after all my traumas of losing babies - then being turned down for adoption by Sharon Shoesmith-alikes - it rather looks as though at the end of June I will be spawning. Something of a surprise, and such a miracle I still can't really believe it.

Please cross your fingers, toes and any other prehensile appendage you possess that it's all OK. And come and tell me that I'll be a great mother.

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Totally, totally awesome news, herbs. I'm so happy for you. [Smile]

You'll be a great mum!

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Thorn Davis

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I'm fairly sure that this is going to put a smile on every TMOers face today. Congratulations herbs. Really, really happy for you - that's fantastic news.
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dance margarita
TMO Member
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am over the moon to read this, herbs. [Big Grin]

evil is boring: cheerful power

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Cherry In Hove
Channel 39
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Fantastic news [Big Grin]
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New Way Of Decay

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Taller than Bandy ?
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Splendid news, herbs! Well implanted.

Top advice (by proxy) is get into maternity trousers as soon as you can, if you haven't already. Apparently it is folly to delay.

Also - enjoy!

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Wearing nothing but a smile
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Now that's magic!

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it's all the rage
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Marvellous news Herbs. Who said there was a Recession on, eh? And I wish you were my mum. Although that would probably be a bit too weird for either of us to handle, so probably best if you stick with your real babby for the time being.
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Wearing nothing but a smile
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(According to Wikipedia, Paul Daniels is "17.4% toupé, the highest percentage of any British television personality.")
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Going the right way for a smacked bottom
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Oh wow herbs! That's the best news I've heard in ages. I'm absolutely delighted for you.
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Well I aints been paid, the weather outside is appalling, yet for hearing that I feel like its one hell of a beautiful day - congratulations!

Noli nothis permittere te terere

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I hate Valentine's Day.
Stupid commercialised crap
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Fantastic news herbs! Huge congratulations. Though I would like to counteract Carter's proxy advice and say you can wear your own jeans with a Belly Belt and a Band-O (both available on amazon)apparently forever. Though maternity skirts are to be recommended and there seems to be no getting away from the need for tops.
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Slave Girl of Gor
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[Big Grin]

AWESOME! Oh Herbs I am so delighted for you!

It has been so sad to think of all the horror you have been through. This is brilliant!

And it is Friday! Gosh I feel so cheery I may even do some work...

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"Call me Snake"
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I am so thrilled for you Herbs. I have gone all Ready Brek Glow with rare and genuine glee. Congratulations. Absolutely fucking brilliant.
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"Call me Snake"
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I'd suggest Baby Meat 2010 but the Galactus Twins could destroy Cafe Boheme in a heart beat.
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Ooh lordy, I've come over all weepy. It's the hormones, you know.

I still can't really believe it's all going to be alright, despite being 18 weeks, with no problems, and seeing him battering his tiny fists and feet against my womb on a scan two days ago. Have yet to have the big scan when they give you all sorts of risk factors and probabilities of problems and send you scurrying to google, but I'm trying to have faith.

I caved in and bought some maternity trousers last night, as couldn't stand being cut in half by usual trews, being held together with a hair hand, any longer. I don't know why I didn't wear them when not pregnant either. Comfiest things on earth.

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Do you know if you're having a boy or a girl yet? Are you even interested in finding out now, or would you prefer a surprise?
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I don't know yet, but have a strong feeling it's a boy. We do want to know - it makes it more real, I think. I think the fact that I've squeezed another human being out of my noo-noo will be enough of a surprise on the day...
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We all prisoners, chickee-baby.
We all locked in.
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Herbs, that's really wonderful news, and is making me smile like a loon! I'm absolutely convinced you'll be a wonderful mother.

i'm expressing my inner anguish through the majesty of song

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Originally posted by herbs:
I don't know yet, but have a strong feeling it's a boy.

After my wife successfully predicted the gender of our four children prior to their births, I've learned never to scoff at a womans strong feeling. Congrats again...this is absolutely stunning news. [Big Grin]

[ 23.01.2009, 09:34: Message edited by: ralph ]

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I predicted/guessed the sex of the ones I lost, too, which turned out to be right. Though of course it's a 50:50 chance anyway.

Only told my work today, as only passed my probationary period last week! Went down surprisingly well, considering I promised I was in the job for the long haul, blah blah, but will now be going on maternity leave less than a year after I started the job...

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Een beetje vreemd, maar wel lekker!
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Great news. Hope it all goes well.

Seek help, possibly medication.

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TMO Admin
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ace - thats all i can say mwah xx !


my own brother a god dam shit sucking vampire!!! you wait till mum finds out buddy!

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Her Glorious Reneging Brumness
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This is the best news I've heard in ages and I am beside myself with glee and delight for you. You will be an AWESOME and EXCELLENT mother, no doubt about it.

I'm totally up for Baby Meat 2010 and if your prediction is right, it'll be full of little boys. Unless Thorn & Octavia have a girl, of course.

I'm off to wipe the tears from my eyes and enjoy the warm gladness in my heart that this thread has given me. I'll keep popping back for updates so make sure you keep us posted.

They give you a pen as fat as a modest cock and you're expected to dab it on the page, as though you were mopping the dregs of an afternoon Tommy.

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Major congratulations, I'm so pleased for you! You can also add my vote to the 'you're going to be a great mum' pile! [Smile]
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Transatlantic temptress
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congrats herbs! That's wonderful news.

About this baby meat. Can we still come if we don't have lil ones? Lol. Maybe a BBQ or something would be better. You know, rather than a bar.

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nibbled to death by an okapi
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Happy news! Congratulations herbs. You'll do great.

Originally posted by jonesy999:
I'd suggest Baby Meat 2010 but the Galactus Twins could destroy Cafe Boheme in a heart beat.

Joking aside, if we start planning now (pick a date, at least), this might actually happen.

Give 'em .0139 fathoms and they'll take 80 chains.

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Black Mask

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Aces! Excellent news, herbs. I'm only posting this late cos' we've been out doing ante-natal things all day. If the Baby Meat happens we should do it at the Herne Tavern. It's a pub in Dulwich, full of families, nice food, nice beer but all the babies there are *****. The place needs some quality TMO DNA, and I'm sure you've got enough quality DNA for all of us.


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"When You're Hungry For A Big Cock!"
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wonderful news! yay!
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TMO Member
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I am absolutely delighted for you herbs. Really, really really. And you will be a bloody fantastic mother! GLEE all round!!! [Big Grin] [Big Grin]

A day without laughter is a day wasted.
In memory of Alastair

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"that nazi guy"
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That's wonderful news Herbs. [Smile]

"You ate the baby Jesus and his mother Mary!"
"I thought they were animal cookies..."

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Benny the Ball
"oh, hold me"
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Excellent news Herbs, everything is crossed! Congratulations!!!

If Chuck Norris is late, time better slow the fuck down

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