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Author Topic: CLOSING TIME

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Well it was inevitable, but it is still a very sad day when it happens.

I was drawn to Seethru by a link from my mate Rene - the wonderful 'Bullies Reunited' - having dipped my toe in the water I slowly submerged myself in to the first proper website that I'd visit daily with eagerness - the antics and humour of the posters were as enthralling as the content. I felt like the awkward kit at a party - a little bit socially inept but something kept drawing me back to the place. When Seethru called it a day, I'd already become real-life pals with Darryn thanks to us both being expats in the same city so the move to TMO was a given, if anything just to keep the support for his new venture.

The funny thing is I always felt out of my depth on TMO. I was overawed at the talent of the posters on here and constantly felt inferior - I mean when you amongst others genuine published authors and the medium of communication is primarily writing, well it can be extremely daunting trying to write in response anything. But this was the cutting edge of the internet at the time - like Thorn so rightly stated this was like 1970's London and we were the punks at the revolution with Darryn the Malcolm McClaren of the era - reinventing the Genre in a new home (much like McClaren did after his time in New York). Thorn was Johnny Rotten - full of vitriol and spite and Benway his Sid Vicious- their united spite often against each other yet ultimately a great double act would often have me both intimidated yet entertained to the hilt. Ben was a bit Strummer to me - a bit more serious and political. Mikee so Iggy - the first one to get his cock out to get his point across. And AMP was Polly Styrene - harsh but could sometimes sing so sweetly when she needed to get her point across. And so the list could go on....

Me - I kinda felt like Jimmy Pursey I suppose. I mean I wanted to be Joey Ramone but I think my place was as someone who was always around who could shout a lot but not actually say a great deal. But I was never cast out and was kind of accepted for my loyalty, if nothing else. And I did feel at home, if somewhat uncomfortable at times.

It was only when I got to meet you people for real that I actually realized that as well as being scary, vicious and sickeningly talented - and you will hate me for saying this - but you were also endearingly funny, warm and delightful company. I've honestly made some of the best friends on here I could ever imagine. I've laughed so hard with you, Rocked with you, got horribly drunk with you,had the most deepest and soul-searching conversations with you, cried with you and seen even the next generation of TMO-Spawn enter this world and grow (and you can add a +1 to that list come the beginning of February). And when Waynster v2 grows up, I'll tell him about you shower of bastards and all the fun we have had - and I hope even without this here forum - will continue to when we get together wherever it is in the world.

So we now stand all united in grief to say our fond farewells to the site that brought us together - TMO - Lays in rest in a coffin afore us. We bow our heads with tears in our eyes as the curtains part and the coffin makes its final journey towards the flames. As it does a tune is piped through to help it along it's way to the next life. It sounds oh so familiar yet long forgotten. Eye's fleetingly meet as we try to recall the song - small whispers - anyone ? What is it? And then.....

'Is it The Chain by Fleetwood Mac?'

Well fuck it, someone had to before it went [Big Grin]

Goodbye TMO. I'll miss you and all who sailed on her.

Noli nothis permittere te terere

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Een beetje vreemd, maar wel lekker!
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It was fun. Thank you. Bye.

Seek help, possibly medication.

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I hate Valentine's Day.
Stupid commercialised crap
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I'm really sad now I've realised this is the only thread that can be posted on. For some reason (despite Darryn's perfectly clear first post) I thought it was No New Threads only and that old threads could still be posted on. [Mad] [Mad] [Mad]

Can't we all give Dazzler money?

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"well thats fucking funny"
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Ta ra
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TMO Admin
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So, it's goodnight frome me......


my own brother a god dam shit sucking vampire!!! you wait till mum finds out buddy!

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Benny the Ball
"oh, hold me"
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This is the only thread still open, right?

If Chuck Norris is late, time better slow the fuck down

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Damon's Off
TMO Admin
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Wait, am I allowed to swear?

Don't do anything stupid until I get back.

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Noli nothis permittere te terere

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Noli nothis permittere te terere

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nibbled to death by an okapi
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Not dead yet!

... just checking.

Give 'em .0139 fathoms and they'll take 80 chains.

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It's still twitching, like the errant tremors in a dying mouse's leg as it succumbs to the poison it ingested just a few hours before.

Keep prodding it with a broom and it will continue to hang on I am sure

Noli nothis permittere te terere

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I hate Valentine's Day.
Stupid commercialised crap
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Taller than Bandy ?
 - posted      Profile for Carter           Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Hello all. Just checking in.
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Originally posted by Carter:
Hello all. Just checking in.

Hey Carter.
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Gimmie the keys, I'll drive
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It seemed a crying shame not to stop by and pay my respects. Despite the last rites having been performed some seven years ago, I was pleasantly surprised to note that this old place is clinging doggedly to life like some spiteful dowager great-aunt. Even more surprised that my login details were still so easily remembered. So. What's new?

i wrote for luck - they sent me you

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