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Posted by Darryn.R (Member # 1) on :
Basildon in Essex, Thursday morning, by train (and cab from train to First Data) ?

Apparently it's 90 quid for a taxi from the airport to Basildon, but I have an hour and a half from landing to meetings so I can take the train...

What's the best station ? Which one has a Marks and Spencers ? (I need tea)

All help appreciated.
Posted by dang65 (Member # 102) on :
Public transport option looks like:

Docklands Light Railway - London City Airport -> Canning Town (3 stops)

Jubilee Line - Canning Town -> West Ham (1 stop)

Mainline Rail - West Ham -> Basildon (trains about every 20mins, journey about 30mins)

You could cut that down by getting a cab from the airport to West Ham perhaps? Maybe he could stop by at M&S on the way as well.
Posted by Darryn.R (Member # 1) on :
That's perfect.. I wonder if there a Marks anywhere near West Ham station...
Posted by Waynster (Member # 56) on :
Aww mate if you are going to be in West Ham can you get me a shirt? Haven't got this seasons - if you have time though
Posted by Darryn.R (Member # 1) on :
LOL... Seems to be fugger all in West Ham anywhere near anything.. I'm going to try and head into town a little further, or find a Marks and Spencers in Basildon..
Posted by Waynster (Member # 56) on :
There is bound to be a Marks at Stratford - big shopping centre there and very close to City Airport
Posted by Waynster (Member # 56) on :
Seems there is one in East Ham...
Posted by Waynster (Member # 56) on :

Go from LCY to East Ham High street - there should be a bus run the couple of miles. Get to Marks and buy wonderous products made of pig and lard.

Get another bus or a cab to Barking station - again 2 or 3 miles - shouldn't be too expensive

Barking to Basildon is direct and takes about 25 minutes. Sorted.
Posted by Darryn.R (Member # 1) on :
Or... As there's a bloody great shopping centre directly next door to Basildon train station I can go from LCY to West Ham to Basildon, cab it to FD, do the day, pub lunch, fake out the afternoon, quick wank, leave at 4.30 go to Marks, grab some chips and back on the train to West Ham, LCY, Amsterdam and in the house by 11pm.

If I see a shirt I'll grab one, whilst asking my cab driver to give me a receipt for 84 quid when he's charged me a tenner so I can screw my expenses..

What shift are you on ?

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Posted by Waynster (Member # 56) on :
<commodores>...on the nightshift</commodores>

Been trekking through the night getting my head around php which has been en eye opener. Amazing after 20 years in IT how I suddenly now only pick up on some fundamentals of programming. Still it's powerful stuff and given me some food for thought for a couple of projects...

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