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Posted by Kanye West (Member # 837) on :
back in the lates eighties I met corey at a roller rink off sunset. I had cut off jeans, getting ready for grunge. He had a cut off t-shirt, still rocking his fresh TEENS TODAY virgin-pouncing style. He smelt good, his wheels were tight. All the girls swooned when he laced up for the hip hop hour - the boys flexed but knew they'd already lost. Whats up Corey, I said, haven't seen you in a while. He just laughed, tucked a hand rolled behind his ear and was off, legs criss-crossing as urethane met hard wood. I read later that it was the same day he was kicked off a set for repeatedly goosing a male co-star after a midday freebase binge on a tennis court. That night though, gliding through the skaters like a trail of light, he was the king of hollywood. Later on I blew him, and he tossed me three quarters for the ride home. Why the extra quarter, corey? I asked, proudly showing off my spattered chin. Because I've always got a quarter to spare, friend. And he was gone... just like that.

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Posted by H1ppychick (Member # 529) on :
Blimey Benway that was quick off the mark!
oh and HB NWOD (belated) for last Friday.
Posted by MiscellaneousFiles (Member # 60) on :
At my sleepover party for my 12th birthday, I convinced my parents to rent The Lost Boys on VHS, because of high praise from Jenny and Kate. It turned out that Jenny and Kate just fancied Corey Haim, and spent the rest of the party in full-on swoon mode, the pair of total slags.

RIP, Corey. [Mad]
Posted by Thorn Davis (Member # 65) on :
He dated my sister for a while, towards the end of the nineties. I don't really remember much about him, except that he was quiet, and seemed a bit scared of my dad. He didn't really look like he did in the films, and didn't like being called Corey. At the time he was working for Barclays, in Leamington - something to do with calculating insurance risks. I didn't really pay much attention to him.
Posted by Thorn Davis (Member # 65) on :
I just rang my sister to offer my condolences and it turns out it wasn't Corey Haim I was thinking of, it was her ex-boyfriend, Matt. I said "sorry about the news, do you want to talk about it?" she said "what?" I said "Corey's dead", and she said "what?" and I said "That guy you were seeing in the nineties is dead" and she said "Matt's dead? Oh my god," and I said "No, Corey Haim is dead" and she said "Why did you say Matt was dead" and I said "That wasn't Corey Haim you were dating in the nineties?" and she said "No, that was Matt" and I said "OK, that's my mistake then."
Posted by Kanye West (Member # 837) on :
what a funny mix up!!!!!
Posted by New Way Of Decay (Member # 106) on :
It was a long hot summer in 1986 when Corey and I were hanging outside a 7/11. We were waiting for his friend, Eddie to come by. We'd been flipping nickels into an old soda cup and we were long since bored of waiting.

Eddie rocked up and straight away Corey catches this little grin on the side of his face that just lingers there. He addresses his pal. "So what's happening Eddie? Me an my boy Mikey are just hanging here for you. Whatcha got my man" Eddie lumbers up cooly. "Nothin. I broke open my brother Vinnies piggy bank. He's saving for his car when the summer break kicks in, but I figure he owes be for my bike that he lost in that card game with that Futter St Boys last month. Things is, there's over a grand here and I can't put the piggy back together now. He's gonna kill me".

Eddie pulls up a bag of rolled notes in tens and twennies. Vinnie had been working hard cleaning tables for 6 months and while he knew he was responsible for the loss of the bike, he DID promise it back. "Now how am I gonna put this back?" The plastic bag that he carried the money in was full of shards of ceramic.

Again, Corey has this look on his face. The impossible cheeky, cocky grin of his gets even wider. "I know what we're gonna do Eddie. I've got an idea that's gonna gonna get your bike back, double your money for your brothers ride AND teach them Futter St rats a lesson. But first ....we're gonna need to do THIS.

Corey pulls a can of cherry nubuck shoe polish aerosol out of his rucksack and an old Santa Cruz t-shirt. He places the t-shirt in fornt of the nozzle and starts to spray. He staggers backwards for a bit. "Your turn, Mikey-boy" he says between tight lips and helps me out. The outline of tarmac, and the red wall of the 7-11 bcomes hazy and I start to get high, right off of my tits.
Posted by Kanye West (Member # 837) on :
Posted by dang65 (Member # 102) on :
I have no idea who corey haim (dead) is, but the Sparklehorse man Mark Linkous shot himself the other day, perhaps on hearing the news about corey haim (dead), I don't know. That was sad to hear.
Posted by Darryn.R (Member # 1) on :
Fucker gave me crabs in 1986.

He said it wasn't him and blamed Corey Feldman but I know it wasn't Feldman because he shaved his Scrotum and belly patch until the razor burn incident of '92.

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Posted by dance margarita (Member # 848) on :
on facebook this morning, someone of my acquaintance had updated their status with the line 'whats the story? mourning corey'. which is a funny line, i think we can all agree, obviously with the requisite sombre mien befitting this tragic time. but 'whats the story, mourning corey' was also the title of an episode of big wolf on campus, a show in which corey haim appeared as himself, looking for his friend corey feldman, who has been staked as a vampire in a previous show. i dont know anything about big wolf on campus, and the episode in question isnt on youtube- which is probably for the best, as the title is too heart- rending a piece of foreshadowing for me to confront at the moment. its comforting to think that the writers at least tried to reunite the coreys on screen on a fictional level. its good to think that that connection was still alive in peoples' hearts for a while.

there are many moving lines in this tribute to corey haim from the westmount examiner, but probably that skewered me was 'About 1997, Corey was part of the ensemble cast of Snowboard Academy, a low-budget film that starred Jim Varney (the Ernest movies) and Sylvester Stallone’s ex, the statuesque Brigitte Nielsen'. i dont think the magnitude of this thing really hit me until i read that, you know? its just... i cant even explain it. its too soon.

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Posted by dance margarita (Member # 848) on :
'i aint got a man... i aint got a home... im a lonely boyyyy...' i love that bit. in the bath, with the hairbrush. yeah.

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