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Posted by Waynster (Member # 56) on :
Hello all

Yes I'm sorry I have been a bit Lax on these here boards of late but whilst I was never the most prolific of posters anyway, don't suppose it matters much. However need some advice on something and you cultured and well travelled buggars I thought would be the best people to ask

Some of you already know, but for the rest I have just found out I am being transferred to New York with my company which I am somewhat excited about to say the least - new job, promotion, more money - I even have a young lady I am getting on famously there to be with so with Amsterdam kind of having run its course, its a very exciting opportunity for me.

Now whilst I have been to the US a few times, I have never been to the big apple - now I have done some research I could still do with some advice on the regular things. I know I will be working out of the New York Times building so I'll be right in the middle of Manhattan, but any of you who have been there recommend things to do - yes I know any guide book will tell you this, but personal recommendations from people I know are far more welcomed. Also has anyone actually lived there and maybe got recommendations of where to live

Oh and maybe if anyone can, I was thinking of heading home for a week before I go so if anyone is up for a drinkie in London beforehand? Be in a few weeks, so I am pretty flexible on when, but might be nice to catch up with some of you before I go. Might be nice for old times sake
Posted by mart (Member # 32) on :
Well done Waynster. Was it your aced-up CV that I arranged for you wot did it?

Probably not.

I'll happily do drinks if it's the right date.

I can't give you advice about New York I was only there once. We were dropped off in the morning somewhere in what I presume was Manhattan, saying "oh no, don't worry about us, we'll be fine, we'll just wander about, take in the flavour, we'll just find stuff as we go along, see you later...". We then spent seven hours walking along street after street, without seeing a single striking feature, landmark or familiar sight. The highlight was finding an old music shop that seemed to sell nothing but Fender Rhodes pianos.
Posted by Thorn Davis (Member # 65) on :
I would try and get to this if it happened, although I don't get down to London that often.

All the best for the move to America tho'. I'd love to have the chance to work in New York.

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