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Posted by MiscellaneousFiles (Member # 60) on :
Originally posted by Nathan Bleak:
If I've forgotten that, who knows what else might have slipped my mind? [Frown]

Nathan Bleak is suffering from amnesia! But what has he forgotten? Suggestions below please.

Past Forgot:

Nathan Bleak has forgotten...

...that during a 2002 press launch, he took nine pills of unknown origin, supplied by a work-mate, blacked out and woke up three weeks later married to a Ukrainian prostitute by the name of Оксана.
Posted by Vogon Poetess (Member # 164) on :
To buy SG5 a birthday card for tomorrow.
Posted by squeegy (Member # 136) on :
His Thorn Davis password?
Posted by Tilde (Member # 1215) on :
He posted that story about him sleeping rough and waking up covered in cement dust twice. But that may have just been laziness rather than forgetfulness.
Posted by Benny the Ball (Member # 694) on :
That he is tied into a contract that sees him taking over the care of "The Baby David (TM)" once Madonna has gotten bored of him.
Posted by Bandy (Member # 12) on :
About Dre.
Posted by Jimmy Big Nuts (Member # 895) on :
I think it's more that he, and other motherfuckers, act like they forgot about dre.
Posted by Bandy (Member # 12) on :
Good point. I'd imagine that Nathan is just a bit angry because, these days, Dre can afford to buy groceries for his family. An' shit.
Posted by Jimmy Big Nuts (Member # 895) on :
time for nathan to get down on both knees.
Posted by scrawny (Member # 113) on :
...where he was when he found out that Princess Diana had died.

[ 14.05.2007, 09:19: Message edited by: scrawny ]
Posted by Benny the Ball (Member # 694) on :
he's forgotten what it felt like that day to see his homeland under fire.
Posted by doc d (Member # 781) on :
maybe his mind is playing tricks on him.
Posted by Benny the Ball (Member # 694) on :
In his rush to be popular, he forgot to hook up the doll.

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