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How do you feel right now ?

With my hands
Better than you
What's it to you ?
Terrible, really terrible

At a party, where are you ?

Alone in the garden
By the food
I don't go to parties
Dancing alone to Hi Ho Silver Lining
Right at the center
Whose party is it ?
Who wants to go to a stupid party ?

My friends are ?

In awe of me
The bestest mates ever
Morons, all morons
Lovely, life is great
Real - Honest

The glass is ?

Probably broken
Half full
In my hand and full of gravy
Is this a real question ?
Half empty
Mine all mine
Probably some kind of award

If I had a pet it would be ?

Cute, furry and called Mr. Puffles
Whatever is in fashion
A tasty chicken
An invisible giant goat
Pets are for losers
A large bird
I don't mind all pets are great
A pit bull for security

People like me because ?

I'm just great
People don't like me
Frankly I am a GOD
The voices in my head tell me they like me
I'm so bland how can anyone not like me ?

The best Star Wars character ever was ?

Ewoks, oh I love Ewoks me..
They are all great
Jabba The Hutt
Darth Maul
I used to dress up as a Stormtrooper
They based Darth Vader on me y'know..
I hate Star Wars
Doctor Who

Children ?

Worship me
Should be seen and not heard
Are sooooo cute
Hide from me
Look up to me
Are the devils work
Are great, really great.

Your significant other buys a new dress/jacket - What do you say ?

I don't have a significant other
What does significant mean ?
You look terrible you stupid arse
Fantastic, I love it !
How much did that THING cost ?
I have much better taste than you
Is it fashionable ?

Which of these words appeals most ?


I will be remembered as ?

I just want to be remembered
A nice person
Nobody will remember me
Bigger than Jesus
That bloke/bird
A cunt

And finally, this quiz made me feel ?

This was a quiz ?
Like a cunt
As though it were all about me
Like the CIA are watching me
Like a bath

Please make sure you've answered all the questions!

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