Get your arse down the video shop !

There's plenty of movies out there to see, so making a choice at Daves Video-City is never easy. FLM recommends the best of the new releases for the Ladz.

Cunts in Cars 2

High speed, large spoilered all out action in Cunts in Cars 2.

This movie is well cool, cars and birds well rule.
Best bits for us are when the geezer with the blue puffa jacket does that thing. When that fit blonde bird what goes out with the geezer with the red Capri flashes her tits and when that hard geezer in the Escort runs that cat over.

Available to rent from all good Video-City branches in the UK

Available to buy on DVD soon - With extra bonus disc and wankers voiced over commentary

Sample Sound Bite:
"Look at my spoilers, they are well hard you ponce"

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