Get your arse down the video shop !

There's plenty of movies out there to see, so making a choice at Daves Video-City is never easy. FLM recommends the best of the new releases for the Ladz.

Cheap beer, Fighting and Kebabs

The ultimate night out - On Video.

A great night out without actually going out.
Enjoy the atmosphere from the comfort of your own sofa. This video brings you some classic moments from a Friday night out on the piss.

See Hairy Dave set fire to his own farts

See Sharon vomit the pub bogs

Watch as the ladz kick the shit out of a student

Visit a late night Kebab house and laugh as Hairy Dave calls the owner a Paki

Available to rent from all good Video-City branches in the UK

Available to buy on DVD soon - With pissed up voiced over commentary

Sample Sound Bite:
"You's my best mate you fugga, you lookin' at my bird ?, I'll fuggin' kill ya ya fugga.. Bluerghhhh - Ya fugga."

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