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The Web Mine
Compiled by Chad Sexington

Dawn Simulator
A dawn stimulator ? - I always wanted one of those.. Oh, hang on, no I don't.
Unearthed by webminer - Chad
Lose some weight US stylee
How gay is this ?
Unearthed by webminer - Chad
Official Thatcher.
She may not be dead, but her website is awfully darků
Unearthed by webminer - Chad
Fifi's Secret
Could this be a forum regulars website ? You decide..
Unearthed by webminer - Chad
Stone some ducks.
Kill some ducks, kill 'em I say, kill 'em all..
Unearthed by webminer - Chad
That bear.
And while you are at it, get this bastard bear too..
Unearthed by webminer - Stakker
Make a Mr Man.
Make your own Mr Manů Pray you don't have speakers
Unearthed by webminer - Ponderosa
Sono saru wa omosugimasu.
Want to know what this means ?
Unearthed by webminer - Misc Files
Fruit Machine
Like being in a pub with the Beatles - http://www.thebeatles.com is worth a look too.
Unearthed by webminer - Cochise
Pointless games.
Does exactly what is says on the tin - Pointless.
Unearthed by webminer - Chad
What is it ?
We don't know why, but we like itů
Unearthed by webminer - Chad

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