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Author Topic: that's just rubbish....

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i’ve been thinking a lot about rubbish and the people who clean up our rubbish today. clean up our office rubbish, to be more specific. each afternoon i leave my tiny office space fairly tidy, stack my files, place my pens and pencils to the side, etc. however, my rubbish bin is usually full. the next day i arrive to work and the bin is empty and the carpet is swept. the “cleaners have been”. i often wonder if the people who empty our rubbish bins form ideas about our personalities based purely upon what’s in our trash. would you form opinions about someone based upon their tossed away items? i think i would.

my rubbish bin first. already today it contains two herbal tea bags, peach skin and pit, an organic cracker package, two ripped up post-it notes, and a few ripped up printed documents.

what does that say about me? perhaps that i eat too much at my desk and i’m paranoid ala the ripped up papers?

what about the rest of you? what is in your office rubbish bin and do you think it says anything about the sort of person you are?

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Vogon Poetess

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I always smile and say hello to the cleaners- must be a shit enough job as it is without being ignored by those who consider themselves superior. Also, they have keys that open all doors, which has come in handy at times. Hint: get on friendly terms with your building receptionist as well, as they too are holders of all sorts of useful physical items and information.

I usually eat a packed lunch at my desk, so the bin (plus surrounding floor) is full of various debris. The other day I noticed there was an arse-shaped crumb silhouette on my chair seat from where I'd troughed a pastry. Like modern art, it was.

What I object to is the colour of some of these wheelie bins and where they are left, in some areas outside all week in the front garden.

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New Way Of Decay

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We don't have any rubbish bins in our office. We have a recycling area. This means that we end up with loads of crap on our desks until we get up for a break. Right now I have a bag full of crumbs and flour from a ciabatta I ate first thing. My notepad has a fruity tang to it where I've put pips and skin on it then used it as a ray to sla-ide the unedible bits of fruit into the waste outside. My office is a bit unbearably wanky, with can recycling bins that say 'I want to come back as a car' and crap like that. They don't actually say that though. There isn't something built into it. No speech mechanism. It just has it written on the side. That would be SUPER wanky otherwise.


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Gree - I'd say it means your diet is far too healthy, and you don't recycle. Tch tch.

still, at least it's not full of vomit, like Benway's.

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i am feeling guilty now herbs
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Uber Trick
unexploded sex bomb
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Interestingly enough I was thinking today that I must suggest to "staff forum" that we get recycling stations for our cans and plastic aswell as the paper bin which we have at the moment. Usually I take my plastic and tin home to recycle unless I'm going out for the evening and don't want to look like a mad.

Last month I grassed the cleaners up to "staff forum" because I was disgusted (from Poplar) one lunchtime to open up the large dishwasher in the kitchen at the end of its cycle to find that it contained exactly: 1 bowl, 2 spoons, 1 cup and a knife. Think of the electricity! Think of the water! Said I. Apparently they are "dealing with it" by "writing a policy". I do always say hello to the cleaners though and have a little chat with them, much for the same reasons as VP. Heheh, they'll never suspect it was me who grassed them up!

Currently my office bin contains lots of strawberry hulls, the plastic container they came in (I'm going out tonight) and a post-it note saying "Yoghurt in fridge". I guess I should have recycled the post-it. I shall fish it out immediately!


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i haven't been supplied with recyling boxes at work. i'll have to request them asap

at home we have all the various bins for recycling but it has taken me a while to figure out what goes in which bin
such as keeping food seperate from paper from plastic from glass from yard waste

[ 14.06.2006, 09:30: Message edited by: Grianagh ]

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