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"See Thru will be finishing, dead, on Friday April 12th. At the end of the new Attachments series (back in Feb - I forget the date right now). It may carry on in some form. Not sure yet."

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How are you feeling ?

Dehydrated, sick and headachy
My head hurts
I feel unhappy
Ow, my guts
I've got a paper cut
Sitting uncomfortably
Bunged up
It hurts when I wee

Were you out last night ?

No, I was too miserable
I went for a curry/kebab/chinese/barbeque
I've still got a paper cut
No, I think I had a fever
Are you kidding me? It hurts to walk
Yes, in the pub till closing time
Yup, shagging!

What time is it ?


Poke your tongue out. What colour is it ?

I don't know, it's too hairy
Poking my tongue out gives me a headache
Pink, but I've still got a paper cut
Sod my tongue, my arse is killing me
Do I really have to poke my tongue out ?
Covered in pubic hair

Which of the following have you experienced so far today ?

Mild throbbing of the temples
Waking up fully clothed and on the carpet
Waking up naked with a stranger
Accidentally soiling yourself
A sore bottom
A paper cut
Abject misery
Snot - And lots of it

How did you sleep last night ?

On my front
With a floozy
All cosy with my teddy bear
In torment, awoken by dreams of death
In a puddle of mucus
Like a drunken fool
With a belly full of vindaloo
OK, but I woke up with a sore head

Are you leaking from anywhere ?

Yes - My rectum
Yes - My personals
Yes - My nose
No, but I'm bleeding a tiny, tiny bit
I may as well be - Life sucks

Are your eyes bloodshot ?


How do you smell ?

Like a cheap tart
I can't smell anything
Like a pub ashtray with a kebab in it
Bad, but worse if I pass wind
Oh great, now I smell. I wish I was dead

On a scale of 1 to 8 how ill do you think you are ?


Please make sure you've answered all the questions!

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