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TMO is always looking for contributors. We are looking for Writers, Illustrators, Columnists and Script Kiddies to join the TMO team and help create what we hope will be a thriving web community.

We're not exactly rich here at TMO. This site cannot exist on fresh air, so if you have a good idea for funding that doesn't involve us having to fill up the whole site with undignified and over animated banner ads please let us know.
We also accept plain brown envelopes stuffed with cash.

TMO IN NEED - Save the site - It's up to you !

TMO survives with help from your donations

We need wads of cash to pay for the server fees.
All that time you spend on the board costs us money, you know.

Please give us what you can afford - 5/10/20 or 10/15/30 would be very, very nice.

There are a two ways to pay: by paypal, or plain brown envelope directly to us here at the TMO cloudbase.

Pay Pal

If you don't have a paypal account, then you can signup.
We appreciate any money you can give us but please don't bother with 1 donations as by the time we've converted the currency and paypal has taken their cut we only get about 20 Euro cents.

Pay Pal Donation

Please click the paypal donation button.
You can choose whether to pay in Euros or pounds (Though Euros are easier for us).
BTW: This account is in the name of Femke Engelse (or as you know her The lovely Damon's Off) who will be running the financial side of things.

Send us something in the post !

If you want to send a donation by post then pop something in an envelope and send it to:

Boy Edgarstraat 26
1066 GS
The Netherlands.

The TMO Tag-a-thon

Spice up your username with a tag ! - Use the same donation methods as above but don't forget to mention that it's for the Tag-a-thon !
Make sure you tell us your user name too so we know who we are tagging.

COMING SOON - TMO Merchandise

We're setting up a shop where you'll be able to buy T-Shirts, Mugs and all sorts of TMO related goodies.

It's your site - help us keep it running !

Thanks to all
The TMO team

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