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Speakers Corner
Speaker Four - Nick Ransom

George W. Bush The case for:

Unless you've been locked in an isolation ward for the last year or so, you'll be aware that a cunningly shaved chimp called George Dubyah is the leader of the free world.

A lot of people are of the opinion that he's an evil twisted moron, while other think he's a power-mad, gun-crazy fool.

This has gained him a lot of criticism from a lot of people outside the United States, who wish to avoid a Third World War.

You hear them in every pub you walk into; "Oh that Bush - whaddadickhead!"

Not that they're wrong, but what pisses me off even more than Bush, is the attitude of many of his detractors.
They seem to think that working out that Bush is an idiot puts them in line to win some sort of prize.

So before you smarmy gits break your arms patting yourselves on the back for knowing a miniscule amount of current events, let me ask a question. With reference to what you're pissed off about, prior to September the 11th, how is Bush any different from Bill Clinton?

"B..b...but Bush abandoned the Kyoto Treaty."

Yeah? Big deal. Clinton effectively killed that before he left office.

"B...but Bush is resurrecting Star Wars and building more missiles."

So what? Clinton laid the groundwork for that white elephant before his term was up.

"B….b…Bush has an aggressive foreign policy."

And Clinton bombed Somalia, Kosovo, Iraq and invaded Haiti.

Yes. He did all that. The thing is, you smug bastards were so busy cracking Monica Lewinsky jokes that you didn't notice.

So, in light of this information, do you think it would be better if Gore had won the election ?

I don't. Here's why:

The difference between Gore and Bush is marked. Gore has a brain.
Bush is nuts.

That, however, doesn't mean Gore would've been better for the environment or general world harmony.
It just means he'd be better at concealing what he was doing from anyone who wasn't taking an active interest - i.e. anyone who thinks that they're an authority on international relations just because they've read a daily broadsheet.

In light of this, George W. Bush being president may not be an entirely bad thing.
You see, Bush can't hide what he is. Whether he's inventing new vocabulary in his speech, using racial slurs to address his allies, or choking on pretzels, the fact that he's and ignorant fool stands out a mile.

When you consider he's one of the most powerful men on the planet, this should make you worried.
And if you're worried, you'll start to take more notice of what's going on in the world.

And this can only be a good thing - which is all thanks to Dubyah. Who would've thought it?

by Nick Ransom.
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