Alright mate ? Welcome to For Ladz Magazine - The magazine for Ladz. None of your poncy Esquire bollocks here neither, For Ladz Magazine is for real men only.
For Ladz Magazine covers the topics that you want to read and without any big words either.
Drinkin', Fightin' or just givin' her indoor a slap, For Ladz Magazine is the magazine for you.
And if you don't like it, why not send us an e-mail ? Make sure you write down your address though, otherwise we won't know where to go when we come round to give you a good kickin'.

Mad Mick 'Chopper' Capri - Top Dog and Diamond Geezer

Not drinking ?
You must be gay then.

Real men drink. Did you know that alcohol is the No.1 cause of violence ?
Great stuff.
Ladz'll have a couple of pints of Stella then..

Dogs are hard.
If you ain't got a dog you ain't got nothing.

From Pitt Bulls to Alsatians, all dogs have the potential to be vicious bastards
An elastic band round the knackers helps though..

Real birds
Never mind all those slags you see in Loaded. For Ladz helps you pull real women - Ones who can take a slap and cook the dinner.
And for a fiver they'll show you their baps too..

Tasty gear
Nobody, and I mean nobody can ever have enough 9ct. gold.
Most Wanted brings you, the ladz, all the things you need to be well 'ard and a bit of a tasty geezer..

Me and me mum and me dad and me gran Are off to Waterloo
Me and me mum and me dad and me gran With a bucket of vindaloo

You've gotta have a tattoo if you wanna look 'ard.
And it's gotta have class like this one on the left.
FLM shows you what designs are pukka

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